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Laura Blumhardt-Ziegler


Versatile production logistics
Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics
Department Logistics


+49 711 685 83936
+49 711 685 83769

Holzgartenstraße 15 B
70174 Stuttgart


  • Automated guided vehicles and their safeguarding
  • Sensor technology in the context of safety
  1. 2022

    1. L. Blumhardt-Ziegler, D. Korte, S. Blum, R. Kamath, V. Snagowski, and R. Schulz, “Environment perception for mobile robots – using artificial intelligence for irregularity detection,” in ISR Europe 2022 - 54th International Symposium on Robotics, in ISR Europe 2022 - 54th International Symposium on Robotics. Jun. 2022. [Online]. Available:
  2. 2021

    1. D. Korte, L. Blumhardt-Ziegler, K. Schneider, and J. Brandes, “Das Umfeld sicher überwachen,” Technische Logistik, no. 5/2021, Art. no. 5/2021, 2021, [Online]. Available:
  • Lecture supervision "Methods and strategies in logistics" (attendance and online study programs)
  • Supervision of student research projects (term papers, bachelor and master theses)
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