Non-Destructive Rope Testing / Ropeway Technology

We develop various practice-oriented rope testing methods, test and monitor systems and deal with all questions concerning ropeway technology.

Magnetinduktive Prüfung
Bridge guy rope with magneto-inductive testing device

The non-destructive rope testing team carries out magneto-inductive rope tests on all types of ropeways worldwide, on bridge ropes and in industrial plants. Wire ropes between 10 and 140 mm can be tested with the devices developed by IFT itself. The tested industrial applications include, for example, storage and retrieval machines, cranes or shaft hoisting systems.

Seilprüfgerät SMRT 40
Rope testing device SMRT 40

The magneto-inductive rope testers are distributed by our partner Mesomatic in close cooperation with the IFT

Visuelles Seilprüfgerät
Visual rope testing device in use

In addition, further testing devices for non-destructive rope testing are being developed. For example, a visual rope testing device was developed, which is marketed by our partner Autision Group under the name Winspect.

Notifications and approvals exist for the regular testing of cable cars and the acceptance of new installations. The new installations accepted include, for example, the 3S cable car in Koblenz or a combined lift in Nesselwang, the first of its kind.


This image shows Ralf Eisinger

Ralf Eisinger


Head of Non-Destructive Rope Testing / Ropeway Technology

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