Planning and simulation in intalogistics

We develop individual practical solutions with the aid of intelligent planning tools and processes.

Planning and simulation of logistic processes

The planning of logistic processes is a time-consuming and iterative process, which usually involves complex tasks, and the results depend on the knowledge and experience of the planner. Therefore, the IFT provides intelligent tools and systematic approaches for each individual step during planning processes.

Simulation of logistics, material flow and production systems - simulation and visualization

In the field of material flow systems simulation, we work with simulation-based planning, analysis and optimization of intralogistics systems. We design our simulation models mainly with two simulation programs: Plant Simulation and AnyLogic. The correct simulation software may be chosen to solve a problem, based on each program’s application features. Plant simulation offers existing components and instinctive modeling, as well as a user-friendly programming language to illustrate common processes in intralogistics. The simulation can also be visualized in 3D. AnyLogic offers multi-method modeling advantages for research and the visual representation of complex processes, e.g. in the area of automated guided vehicles. This software also enables the development of event-oriented, agent-based and system-dynamic modeling methods.


Furthermore, the Java-based simulation tool is well suited for hardware or other software connections. As in many other research areas, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms plays an important part in simulation. The combination of simulation and AI are useful, because data can be generated on simulation models and algorithms can be implemented based on this. The IFT employs “Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)” for this field, in which other possibilities are explored, like how methodology can improve the control of material flow.


Due to constant improving ways of visualization, this area is closely related to planning and simulation. Recently, most simulation/visualization software for production and logistics planning has supported VR solutions (such as the VR glasses with add-ons), which simplifies integration enormously. These results can benefit quality, costs and time saving in planning.

Insight into the simulation model of a logistics centre

Are you interested in a simulated analysis of your material flow process?

In addition to our research collaborations, we offer services in the following areas:

  • Market overview of material flow simulation
  • Simulation studies
  • Workshops for material flow simulations
  • Investment and operating cost forecasts



As part of the “Planning and Simulation in Logistics” module, we offer students the two lectures, “Simulation and visualisation in intralogistics” and “Planning logistical systems”, in which the foundation of each field is communicated. In addition, student projects can be carried out. If interested, please contact Mr. Ruben Noortwyck.


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Ruben Noortwyck


Planning and simulation in intralogistics

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